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StorageLAB Dinnerware Plate Storage Containers for Kitchen Organization – 4 Piece, Quilted, Cream or Grey

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Color: Cream

The Perfect Match for Your Delicate Dinnerware

Keep scratches, chips, dust, and dirt away from your fine china and dinnerware sets with StorageLAB’s 4-Piece Plate Storage Case Set. 

Our kitchen organizer set comes with a ¾'' storage case for dinner plates, a 10'' salad plate case, an 8½'' dessert plate container, and a 7'' saucer plate case. It also includes 44 felt liners and a quilted interior for extra cushion and protection. Made with a hard-shell outer material, these premium plate containers are stackable to save even more space and extra sturdy for easy transport or travel.

Neutral and elegant in a cream or grey color, these dinnerware storage bins are household essentials that fit right into any corner of your storage space. Keep your dishes all in one place and set your table with ease so it's ready for special occasions!

  • Fits plates of different sizes.
  • Holds 12x dinnerware: 11.75” dinner plates; 10” salad plates; 8.5” dessert plates; and 7” saucer plates.
  • Stackable hard-shell design for easy storage and transport.
  • Soft, quilted lining with felt dividers give plates extra cushion and security.
  • Woven linen exterior with dual zippers and label windows for stylish and easy organization.


The Only Dinnerware Storage Solution You Need

StorageLAB Dinnerware Plate Storage Containers  – 4 Piece, Quilted, Cream
Reliable Protection 

StorageLAB Plate Storage Bins give your most valuable chinaware and dinnerware sets the premium protection they deserve. Keep your dishes clean and protected from dust and grime. Now all your plates can stay perfect and ready for memorable moments, big celebrations, and special occasions.

StorageLAB Dinnerware Plate Storage Containers  – 4 Piece, Quilted, Cream
Premium Organization 

Store your dishes in one place with our stylish cream storage bins. Our plate storage case comes with dual zippers that give your dishes the security needed to stay in place. It also has label windows for easy kitchen organization so you always know where to find everything you need.

StorageLAB Dinnerware Plate Storage Containers  – 4 Piece, Quilted, Cream
 Stackable and Easy to Transport

With hard shell exteriors, these stackable storage containers can be placed on top of each other to save you even more space. Not only that, these dinnerware storage sets are the perfect companion when you need to bring your plates along for moving, transporting, and traveling.

StorageLAB Dinnerware Plate Storage Containers  – 4 Piece, Quilted, Cream
Stylish and Space-saving

Our 4-piece storage case set is built to store 11¾'' dinner plates, 10'' salad plates, 8½'' dessert plates, and 7'' saucer plates. Each case holds 12 plates and has 11 felt dividers to give plates extra cushion and protection from chips and scratches. The quilted interior is both functional and elegant as it provides plates with a soft surface.